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Welcome to W3DC
The Web 3D Community is a place where 3D users can buy and independent content creators can showcase and sell quality COLLADA models, textures and tool specific resources, optimized for online 3d environments like:
  • Virtual Worlds
  • WebGL Projects
  • 3D Online Games
  • Machinima Productions
  • Immersive Education Classes
  • Augmented Reality

New: Join the 3D printing revolution: buy and sell 3D models and blueprints for use with your 3D desktop printer or 3d print services of your choice.

Welcome to the Web 3D Community

Newest 3d models for online- and game content
Wood Cargo Boxes Set V2
Wood Cargo Boxes Set V1
SCI-FI Cargo Boxes Set V4
SCI-FI Cargo Boxes Set V3
Newest models for your 3d printing
Caged sphere pendant V05
Caged sphere pendant V04
Caged sphere pendant V03
Caged sphere pendant V02
Newest textures
Photo Realistic Texture Pack:  Brick Wall 3
Photo Realistic Texture Pack: Brick Wall 2
Photo Realistic Texture Pack: Asphalt 1
Photo Realistic Texture Pack: Asphalt 2
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