Why W3DC?

Simply because we all love online 3d environments!

Well - that would be too easy, so we give you a few more reasons:

Our Goal:

is to connect Indie CG artists, game- and virtual world developers, with the people who love what they do.


Where we are now

The rebuilt W3DC Site currently has all the needed functionality to scale from mobile to desktop, as well we've redesigned this platform for several new features to be integrated in the near future.
While we could have built in more features, we first wanted to start getting artists and members onto the site to get their feedback on what they want and need.

Where we want to go

We want to become a reliable third party ad free destination for indie original content creators, artists and enthusiasts of realtime 3d, 3d games, virtual worlds and 3d printing and most importantly letting you discover and collect all the amazing works artists create.

What we don't want to be

  • another advertisment cluttered site
    because we rather use the space for displaying amazing content
  • a freebie site
    because we think artists deserve a compensation

While anyone can potentially add anything they want to the site, we don't wish to see things that infringes with trademarked and copyrighted items and designs and kindly remind members that they can do better and to remove those items.

Why we built this place

As there is a lot of development going on in the 3d game-, architecture visualization-, realtime online 3d- and 3d printing area there is a gap between programmers and content creators we want to bridge.

Also some time back I discovered virtual worlds like Secondlife and started to explore several alternatives like bluemars, opensimulator, realXtend, open cobalt, unity3d, and many more to be impressed by all the creative possibilities as well as the great spirit of many indie artists.

But I wished there was a place where to find platform independent quality content that is tailored for use in these different environments.

So the idea for the Web 3d Community started to materialise.

Members and customers will find:

A reliable place to buy premium original digital content in platform independant standart formats.

Specialy tailored for virtual worlds and realtime-, online environments based on widely accepted standards like COLLADA, FBX, obj, STL formats.
More Freedom!

Digital assets should not be locked to a single proprietary system.
They should belong to you - similar to mp3 music files.
Your personal Download Center

Your detailed purchase history also lets you download products from past purchases whenever you need them - so you won't lose a purchased product.

A different way to help funding promising open source web 3d projects.

We need open source environments in one way or the other, otherwise we all will be missing out.
Royalities from project dedicated shops will benefit the corresponding project.
See your purchases from a project shop like a donation where you get more in
return then a thank you.

Donating directly isn't an option for everyone, which is why virtual shopping sprees have become one of the preferred methods of charitable support

Online Privacy

We love online privacy like you do. So we don't share your informations with other parties, except for PayPal™ and AddThis™ (in case you use their services) Also we don't use any other external web services which could leach your privacy informations.
Payment Card Industry compliant shopping

We don't store your credit card informations. Your payment infos will reliably reside on PayPal™
Safe shopping

All connections to the site are strictly encrypted by SSL certificates
w3dc.com is 100% FREE to use

no hidden fees, no strings attached - you only pay for what you buy!

Artists and content creators:

Easily create your own storefront to display your designs.

Use the built-in social media tools to drive traffic back to your own store and watch the sales and exposure of your works grow in your dashboard.

Freely determine the price of your digital items by yourself - your commission rate stays always the same.

Schedule sales and discounts they way you see fit.

Keep in mind that the minimum price on w3dc.com is USD 4.90 per product to avoid that you have to compete for visibility against freebies.

Up to 75% of the net sales for any of your work(s).

The "net sales" is equal to the digital item's net sales price (= sales price incl. VAT). Furthermore, w3dc.com royalties (although we say "royalties" for the sake of simplicity, payments to shop owners in the eyes of the IRS are "other income") are "net royalties": We do not reduce royalties by payment processing fees (by PayPal e.g.). For further royalty payment information check MTech’s S25: Credit Balance Refund Policy for Sellers and the other MTech’s Seller Policies.
w3dc.com is 100% FREE

If you want you to sell your digital items and make them available for purchase, there is no fee! We do not even reduce the royalties by transaction fees e.g., and there are even no fees charged to host your own e-shop on w3dc.com.

Traditional fees like ... ... do not exist at w3dc.com
Shop Admission Fee: none
Shop Service Charge: none
Shop Transaction Fee: none
Shop Webhosting Fee: none
Payment Processing Fees: none
Content Delivery Fee: none
Work Publishing Fee: is free
Shop Webspace: free, unlimited
Non exclusivity

There are no exclusivity agreements when you sell your digital items on w3dc.com: sell them wherever you want as we do not support modern slavery by binding digital designers to a specific site. We believe that you honor our trust in you and that you like w3dc.com because of the unique remuneration model, the absolute safety of the websites, and the high quality services we offer to you.
Sustainably support open source web 3d projects = sustainable promotion of your shop

As another great way to promote your own products you can donate items from your shop to the opensource project of your choice.

In exchange your shop will be listed in the choosen project shop and the product details.

The proceedings of the sales will be used in support of those projects to help building a sustainable eco system for serious open source projects, while artists and content creators gain better and sustainable visibility in exchange.


thanks to the great open source community for helping to make the web a better place.

there is more to come... we are working on it for you