The Professional License grants the Purchaser, a non-exclusive, non-transferrable right to make use of the items you acquire.

Your use of the items, under the Extended License, is subject to the following conditions:

You may use the items alone (subject to paragraph (c)) or you may incorporate the items into another work you are creating.

You may license, sub-license, sell, resell or re-distribute the Work or offer to do any of these things (together referred to as Resale) in the following circumstances:
  • the items are incorporated into a larger work you have created or
  • if the items are a template or software application, you use it alone to modify it and Resell it as an end product (that is, not as a tool, template, or stock item, and without source files) or
  • you use the items alone as a Limited Re-Purposing, but only if: (A) you first obtain the permission of the author of the Work
    You may reproduce the items
  • in a printed format or
  • on a website or
  • in an electronic document such as a PowerPoint presentation or an eBook or
  • as part of software you create or
  • in a video/movie/machinima production
You may use the items in a work which you are creating for your own purposes or for your client who has asked you to create it.

You may incorporate the items in a work which is created for Resale by you or your client (provided that (i) only the complete work is offered for sale, (ii) where technically possible, you must ensure the items cannot be extracted as a stand-alone item from the second work, and (ii) the terms of sale prohibit the buyer extracting or re-using the Work as a stand-alone item).

For fully detailed infos please refere to the MTech sublicense agreement
more to come... we are working on it for you