After a long time of silence

Sun, 06.Jul.2014

Because we where quite busy with all sorts of things, w3dc remained a bit quiet.

Out of this silence grew the new site with a bunch of new features like:
- responsive design to make w3dc usable on mobile devices
- enhanced usability for members and specially shop owners
- better search options
- DISCOUNTS are here!
- an overall faster site speed

Also there was a lot of back end tuning going on so new features can be added more easy as well as an ongoing business re-organisation.

So there might be some service disruptions in the coming days and weeks until the new site is "burned in" and everything runs as perfect as possible. However, we try to to keep this disruptions as short as possible

Of course we will keep you updated about the progress here via the news here

Scheduled Maintenance

Tue, 19.Nov.2013
Between Nov. 22 and Nov. 24 we are upgrading to a newer server platform.
Member Login and Shop administration during this time might be temporary disrupted.

Win a Professional 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro

Wed, 29.May.2013

Take the time limited opportunity to open your free online store on and win a "3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro (3DX-700040)", worth USD 299.00. You participate automatically in this promotion, if you activate your free shop on with at least 3 high-quality items until June 30.

Contribute your best high-quality digital items to a growing web 3D community - become a famous 3D artist and start to earn money with your 3D designing skills. offers Blueprint Exchange for 3D Printing

Wed, 10.Apr.2013
04/10/2013 launches a 3D printing exchange service on Since FabLab and other providers of 3D printing developed, printing of real objects on 3D printers becomes more and more popular. As the scarce of availability of high-quality and ready-to-use blueprints might harm this development, offers an exchange platform for 3D blueprints.

The Web 3D Community Marketplace reacts on the wide availability of affordable 3D printers. Starting yesterday, enables the buying and selling of high-quality and ready-to-print 3D objects. Customers of printable objects and blueprints have the advantage of using their preferred print technology, or external printing service, and colors as well as materials of their own choice.

This newly in-built service makes the first marketplace for commercial 3D printing objects and blueprints - independent from any print services on the web. After opening a free-of-charge shop on the marketplace, 3D artists and designers can start selling their creations immediately to a small but fast growing community of 3D printing enthusiasts.

Co-founder Pedro Birken says: "We want to offer all kind of interesting content exchange services to the web3D community. Starting with 3D print objects rings the bell for the next round of web3D online services." His brother Jack adds: "Web3D shall become observed by a broader audience in the near future. That's why we want to enable new services to the community as this comes from our enthusiasm for all aspects of web3D."

On 3D print objects are available in the COLLADA file format, which is supported by most of the available 3D printers and online print services. In case a printer does not support COLLADA, the objects can be easily transformed to the required format by the use of free tools like MeshLab.

Accepting only high quality and inoffensive contents, is not only a useful tool, but also an exciting, multi-facetted place to be at for artists, designers and their customers.

About is a platform where 3D artists and graphics designers from around the world can showcase and sell their digital content to game developers, architects, and other customers who are interested in creating web3D and virtual reality environments, or print 3D objects.

Your media contact person at
Jack Birken, Co-Founder

Media & Public Relations
P.O. Box 2223
8026 Zurich

Press Release 02/27/2013

Tue, 26.Feb.2013
METAVERSE Technology launches - the first featured cross platform service for web3D

Zurich, 02/27/2013. METAVERSE Technology LLC launches - a marketplace for 3D software objects used in the gaming industry, the architecture business, by education providers or users of virtual worlds.   

METAVERSE Technology's, the web 3d community, is based on both the widely accepted COLLADA format for 3D objects, and standard image file formats for textures. This service is for professional and private 3D artists and graphics designers to market their web3D objects (e.g. mesh objects and textures). "The enhanced visibility for products through SEO [search engine optimization] and marketing power of a global platform will be felt on the artists' money side of business, which resource will allow more flexibility", says co-creator Jack Birken.

In a snapshot, works as follows: Users can open, equip and run their own online transaction system for free; they can sell their digital items under their own brand and in their own SSL transaction-secured e-stores. There are no restrictions such as the "exclusivity clause": Shop owners at can run simultaneously their own web-shop while selling their digital content over their e-store.  

Jack and Pedro Birken created to also support open source projects in web3D areas such as realXtend, OpenSimulator and openwonderland to name but a few. This important feature of the service has been implemented through designated 'donation shops' to hold (or locate) high-end quality projects. "When we think about open source, we think freedom, not freebies". On the advantages of, Jack further says "next to private e-stores, the aspect of supporting web3D pioneers by donating digital works to open source projects is core to our business ethics and comes naturally from Pedro's programming background: an attitude which is shared by a wide programming community towards open source".

Accepting only high quality, inoffensive contents on, not only has a useful tool been created, but also an exciting, multi-facetted place to be at for artists, designers and customers.  

About is a platform where 3D artists and graphics designers from around the world can showcase their portfolio's and sell their digital content to game developers, architects, and other customers who are interested in creating web3D and virtual reality environments.

Your media contact person at
Jack Birken, Co-Founder       

Media & Public Relations
P.O. Box 2223
8026 Zurich

Call for Artists

Thu, 21.Feb.2013
The Web 3D Community is the new marketplace for quality virtual worlds and online game 3d assets in the cross platform COLLADA file format.

Eligibility: All 3d artists, which create their works in COLLADA file format

Why did we choose COLLADA as file format?
We see COLLADA for 3d content as the same as mp3 is for music: A well established standard format.
So you as an artist can reach a wider audience of people who is able to use your artworks.
See our list of COLLADA compatible applications and environments.

Its easy to participate:
- Signup for a free member account at W3DC here
- Login at
- Open your free shop.
- add at least 3 items to your shop.
- Use the social media buttons in your shop to share your shop with your preferred network and friends
- You can do the same with each of your products

As W3DC is a new marketplace you will receive a better visibility for your portfolio and as well will benefit from all our upcoming marketing activities for W3DC.

You can find more infos about W3DC here

Ready to go !

Tue, 05.Feb.2013
Welcome to the new W3DC marketplace for COLLADA based 3d objects for your online game and virtual world development.

We have all essential features online and tested and the marketplace is ready now for the first few artists that have already settled here and opened their shops. Now we look forward to more great artists and content arriving while we continue to add some more features based on member feedback.

You will find more detailed infos about W3DC here

Enter the closed Beta tests

Thu, 20.Sep.2012
Registration for closed beta members is enabled now.

The registration is not mandatory to browse the W3DC marketplace, but will allow you to open a shop and start customizing it. You can also start to upload your products, set the prices, add corresponding detail images and so on.

Attention - purchasing products is still disabled at the moment until we have removed the demo datas and upgraded the policies, agreements etc.

This will happen during next week, so please stay patient in the meantime.

W3DC prelaunch

Wed, 19.Sep.2012
YAY - after a long time working on developing this marketplace from scratch we finally got ready for some last tests.

Though there are still more features to come, the main and most essential functions are ready to run, the checkout still remains disabled until we have the demo products replaced by real products you can purchase.

In the meantime feel free to poke around a bit and let us know what you think by using the contact form (bottom right) to let us know about your opinion, features you would like or any other comment.
more to come... we are working on it for you