For artists and content creators:

Easily create your own storefront to display your portfolio designs.

Use built-in social media tools to drive traffic back to your own store and watch sales and exposure of your works grow in your dashboard.

You can determine the price of your digital items yourself!

Keep in mind that the minimum price on is USD 4.90 per product to avoid that you have to compete for visibility against freebies.

Up to 75% of the net sales for any of your works.

Our new royalties scheme is based on the amount of products you offer, as we think harder working people should earn more.
If you offer:

- less than 5 products you earn 60%
- 5-9 products you earn 65%
- 10-19 products you earn 70%
- 20 or more products you earn 75%

The "net sales" is equal to the digital item's net sales price (= sales price incl. VAT). Furthermore, royalties (although we say "royalties" for the sake of simplicity, payments to shop owners in the eyes of the IRS are "other income") are "net royalties":

We do not reduce royalties by payment processing fees (by PayPal e.g.). For further royalty payment information check MTech’s S25: Credit Balance Refund Policy for Sellers and the other MTech’s Seller Policies. is 100% FREE

If you want you to sell your digital items and make them available for purchase, there is no fee! We do not even reduce the royalties by transaction fees e.g., and there are even no fees charged to host your own e-shop on

Traditional fees like ... ... do not exist at
Shop Admission Fee: none
Shop Service Charge: none
Shop Transaction Fee: none
Shop Webhosting Fee: none
Payment Processing Fees: none
Content Delivery Fee: none
Work Publishing Fee: is free
Shop Webspace: free, unlimited

Non exclusivity

There are no exclusivity agreements when you sell your digital items on sell them wherever you want as we do not support modern slavery by binding digital designers to a specific site. We believe that you honor our trust in you and that you like because of the unique remuneration model, the absolute safety of the websites, and the high quality services we offer to you.

Sustainably support open source web 3d projects = sustainable promotion of your shop

As another great way to promote your own products you can donate items from your shop to the opensource project of your choice.

In exchange your shop will be listed in the choosen project shop and the product details.

The proceedings of the sales will be used in support of those projects to help building a sustainable eco system for serious open source projects, while artists and content creators gain better and sustainable visibility in exchange.
more to come... we are working on it for you