Texture Paradise
At Texture Paradise you find thousands of realistic high quality photo textures. You may find even the ones you have ever dreamed about, and use it in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or any of your web3D design software suits.
Print it Yourself
Got hooked on 3d printing and carried away making templates for you to use
OpenSimulator Shop
With your purchases you support the OpenSimulator project. OpenSimulator is easy to deploy and can be used to simulate virtual environments pursuing innovative directions towards becoming the bare bones, but extensible, server of the 3D Web. It is also used by many educational projects. Check the many features http://opensimulator.org/
openwonderland Shop
Purchases from this shop will benefit the open wonderland project. An easy to use and stable environment already used by many schools. Users can drop any .png or .jpg image, websites and 3d COLLADA models into Wonderland and see it displayed with a viewer application. .svg documents dropped into the world will instantiate an in-world whiteboard for collaborative editing. http://openwonderland.org/
realXtend Shop
Support the realXtend development with purchases and contributions to/from this shop. The realXtend Tundra SDK is a complete 3d multiuser application development kit. It is a modular application that can be used both to run standalone applications (for example a single player game or a CAVE installation) and networked worlds. Find more details at http://realxtend.org/
Digital Artist who loves to create all sort of things. At the moment there is still little content in this shop, but it's a work in progress.